• An 8 week programme consisting of two one and a half hour  classes per week.
  • Clients pass through progressive stages of exercise as their strength, flexibility and balance improve.
  • Designed to increase joint mobility, core strength and endurance with an optional 30 minute cardio-respiratory component.
  • Includes trunk stability and core strengthening exercises, including the use of physio balls and Pilates-based exercises   - strengthen your back AND your front!
  • Incorporates the use of the Feldenkrais Method® to help in the rediscovery of safer, easier and more fluid patterns of movement.
  • Excellent for those who would like to engage in regular exercise but are discouraged by back pain or other discomforts, or those who simply don’t know where to begin.
  • Clients who join this programme late may be required to undergo one on one instruction to facilitate their comfortable entry into the course.


Learn how to prevent or minimize the recurrence of pain associated with musculo-skeletal confusion, bending, lifting, and general wear and tear.


Movement Options
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