• Verbally directed movement sequences designed around a functional action such as bending, turning, reaching or breathing presented as a group lesson to help each person discover the ways he or she moves most easily.
    • Lessons consist of comfortable, easy movements that involve thinking, sensing, moving and imagining.
    • Emphasis on learning which movements work better hence assisting everyday activities.
    • Suitable for all levels of movement ability
      Through increased awareness, you will learn to recognize habitual patterns of movement and develop new alternatives, resulting in improved flexibility and co-ordination and comfort


  • This is a private one on one lesson in which the practitioner offers gentle, hands-on guidance tailored to address each individual’s specific issues.
  • Through touch, the practitioner partially discloses or hints at a functional motor pattern, and the client’s nervous system responds with altered muscular responses.
  • These changes, mostly at a subconscious level, are translated and integrated into the active performance ofeveryday movements.

Movement Options
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